Finance & Accounting

Financial Projections

The SBDC will help you forecast future revenue and expenses to help you pitch to potential investors, for inclusion in your business plan or for other funding opportunities. Depending on the industry, the SBDC can recommend development of either/or short or mid-term projections.

Access to Capital

The SBDC helps determine the feasibility of accessing various types of private or public financing for the client’s business by analyzing the client’s business financial statements and credit history against lender requirements. The SBDC also helps the client in determining an action plan and timeline for obtaining capital.

Loan Packaging

The SBDC collects lender requirements for clients seeking business loans. Preparation of the client’s business financial statements, loan narratives, and other necessities required by lenders for a loan package are completed with the aid of the SBDC. One of the most valuable aspects of this service is the SBDC will shop your loan to our network partners to help you obtain the best terms and rates.


The SBDC develops proper structures in Quickbooks for clear determination of specific financial activities of the client’s business. Upon analysis of the business activity structures, the SBDC can then help create a plan for the improved management of the client’s business financials.


The SBDC helps the client establish business accounting procedures and standards that ensure proper financial management and legal compliance.

Tax Planning

The SBDC works with the client and his or her needs and objectives to develop a tax strategy that identifies incentives and rebates for the client’s business while complying with regulations. Resources and referral partners are also suggested to the client.

Merchant Services

The SBDC outlines required electronic equipment and software packages needed by the client’s business with regards to electronic transactions, such as credit or ATM cards. The SBDC also weighs cost-benefit between different merchant service providers and can also provide information on EMV chip requirements and risk management.

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